magic tricks for code

Multilingual Magic

I’m currently building a site using Wordpress and Bootstrap that will have the option for users to see featured content in English, Spanish, and Russian. I needed to make this happen dynamically, and so it would be displayed seamlessly to the user. I also needed it to be easy for the client to update on the backend in Wordpress.

Single-use Planet

Single-use Planet is a React Redux app that helps people figure out what to do with the things that no longer serve them by offering alternatives to sending things to landfills because let’s face it - when we throw things ‘away’ there is no ‘away.’

Rails with JavaScript Portfolio Project: Tabletop Tracker

I expanded upon my Rails project, Tabletop Tracker, to include dynamic features that are possible only through JavaScript and a JSON API, and I learned so much along the way.

1st Time Hackathoners for the Win!

Yesterday I experienced my first hackathon, HackItTogether. It was a 14-hour all-women coding extravaganza, and I was lucky enough to be on a team with four other Flatiron School ladies - Indy, Paula, Robin, and Wendy. We all have different levels of coding experience, but the Flatiron curriculum united us with a full stack background. We formed our team after I posted about the hackathon in the Flatiron Slack and then we devised a sample web app idea - a tool to find or post donation goods for kids. We ended up not using that idea at all but it was a good precursor of the app we came up with on the big day. We were all on board with creating something that could ultimately help people, and our project won!

Rails Portfolio Project: Tabletop Tracker

I play strategic tabletop games at least once a week, including some of my favorites: Scythe, Dominion, Terraforming Mars, Agricola and of course the classics like Settlers of Catan. This project tracks tabletop gaming data and would definitely make Parks and Rec’s Ben Wyatt proud.